Meet Christina

A Living Future Accredited Professional

As an avid outdoors person, I've always felt drawn to nature and the refreshing way it restores your mind.  Our family enjoys several trips to the mountains every year to reconnect with each other, nature, and the peace that comes from being in a picturesque setting.  It wasn't until I was introduced to Biophilic Design that I found a way to connect my interior design business to my connection with nature.

In the process of wanting to learn more of Biophilic Design and Health and Wellness, I was introduced to The International Living Future Institute the most rigorous green building code which is setting a new standard in sustainable design by focusing on health, wellness, and biophilia. 

I had the honor of being accepted into and attending ILFI's 5 Week Biophilic Design Course Inaugural Cohort.  Learning from the best in the field of biophilic design helped me understand the concepts, why health and wellness is important in interior design, and how biophilic design is implementable.

I recently finished the course work for the Living Future Accreditation.  I look forward to working with clients to help them reach their wellness and biophilic goals for their projects.




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