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Biophilic Consulting

What is Biophilic Design
What is Biophilic Design

Wellness and Biophilic Consulting
Wellness and Biophilic Consulting

Biophilic Consulting
Biophilic Consulting


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A Healthy Interior


Meet Christina

Living Future Accredited Professional

I'm an interior designer with a passion for wellness.  As the founder of an advocacy group call "The Well Designer,"  I'm dedicated to changing the way designers design, manufacturers make, and the way clients see the health of their space.  To educate myself in wellness design, I'm now a Living Future Accredited Professional from the International Living Future Institute the most rigorous green building standard whose focus is on product transparency, biophilic design, and creating a living future for all.

What I Specialize In

Biophilic Consulting

Reduce Toxins

Healthy Materials

Interiors, Transition Spaces,



Wellness Design

The Way We Build Is Affecting Our Health, Our Everyday Lives.  We Can Make Better Choices: How We Design, In the Materials We Select, and How Construction is Performed.  - Christina McManaway

Indoor Air Pollutants Have Increased to 2-5 Times Outdoor Air Pollutants in Recent Decades"

- EPA Report: "Indoor Air Quality What are the trends in indoor air quality and their effects on human health?"

The Fundamental Goal of Biophilic Design is to Create Good Habitats for People as Biological Animals."

- "Design by Nature"

Stephen R Kellert

California rolled back fire retardant regulations because the health issues caused by them are worse than the risk of items catching fire."

- Christina McManaway

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